Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All clear for take off!

Marci took Rye to Children's for a follow up today. Tube is still staying in, though we expected that. They probably won't take it out until next Wednesday. The good news is that he got cleared to go back to school on Thursday!

Marci will have to train the school staff on what Rye can and can't do. Basically, we've been told to keep him completely mellow. Stuff like running and jumping are no-no's for now.

It's kind of hard to keep that in mind; Riley has been in such great shape since he's been home. We're kind of bopping along, doing our own thing. A few days ago, Marci remembered a story Dr. E told us.

He said he had a teenaged patient who had decompression surgery done. After about 2 weeks of recovery, her dad thought she was doing fine (just like we think Rye is), so they went snowboarding. The good news was she could do it. The bad news was that she ended up popping her dura (under her skin) and had to go back in for surgery.

We don't want that, obviously, so we're going to err on the side of caution and try to keep Riley as low-key as possible.

So going to school should be interesting for us. Riley's been with family for pretty much the past 2 weeks non-stop. I think it'll be great for Rye. As much as he loves that DS, to get some socializing and learning and routine in will be good.

It'll be nice for Marci, too. She'll hopefully be able to get a breather; her body and back have been misbehaving for her. Any reduction in stress will be welcomed. We need a break before the holidays ramp up. Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

Great news! I'm glad Riley is recovering so well. Hope his day back to school went well.