Thursday, October 30, 2008

Riley's hospital plan

Before going in for surgery, the doctors and nurses have asked Riley to come up with a plan so his stay is as comfortable as possible. Marci interviewed him this morning and this is what she came up with.
• I will bring my doctor bear and truck blanket to surgery.
• My mommy will be with me on surgery day.
• I would like Mommy there (if possible) when I go to sleep. If I can not have mommy, I would like to have my bear and listen to my music player (mp3 player) while I go to sleep.
• I want mommy with me as much as I can while I am at the hospital.
• I would like no shots or pokes while I am awake if possible. If I need to have shots or needles while awake I want the medicine that makes me not so scared or medicine to numb the area where the poke is going in.
• While I am waiting for my surgery I want to watch t.v. and play games with mommy and daddy. (Candyland and Chutes & Ladders provided by a Child Life Specialist) If there is a Nintendo DS floating around I would love to play with that.
• When I am in pain I will try to use the faces to tell people how I feel but I will tell my mommy too.
• A few things about Riley: I like monkeys, video games, ladybugs, cars, rockets and want to play hockey some day. My favorite foods are macaroni & cheese, cheesy eggs, smoothies and chocolate.
• While I am in the hospital, if I am not able to go to the play room if someone could come play with me for a bit so my parents can have a break that would be great.
• Some other things to know about Riley: his liquids need to be honey thick, he is a very smart and compassionate little boy, he knows lots of words but it is often difficult to understand him.
Hockey? Who knew?


Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty awesome that you guys helped Riley to come up with such a good plan - and great that it sounds like the doctors and nurses encourage this and will honor it as much as possible. That's got to help him feel more at ease, and a little more in control. Best of luck to you guys next week.

Melissa said...

This is AWESOME! Riley is a very special boy!! They didn't have my daughter tell them anything about her, I assume because she is a teenager, but I think it's a wonderful idea that can help the staff (and parents, friends, and other family) help these precious children, no matter their age. I wish I could come sit with you two while you await word that his surgery has been completed with great success, but there's just no way. Please know that you and Riley will be in my thoughts and prayers. If I can answer any more questions, just let me know! It's a stressful time for these little people, as well as their parents and siblings; each needing a unique kind of support. Don't forget to take care of yourselves while you are watching after Riley. You will be much more helpful to him if you are comfortable as well.