Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Boy's Only" time

Me and Riley got to hang out for most of the morning. He and I ran some errands and just goofed around. We went to every boy's favorite toy store (Best Buy) and played Rock Band for all to see (one person). We hit the mall and had McDonald's (I had a salad, btw). I watched him play cars by himself this morning at home.

It's always fun to watch Rye when he doesn't know I'm watching. All the frustrations I might have seem to disappear when I get to see him just being him. It's very sweet.

When we got home, I asked if he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels. He wanted to, so off came the wheels. He was able to ride short distances in a straight line without me. I think he'll be on two wheels anytime now (weather permitting). Keep your fingers crossed.

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