Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Riley thoughts

Riley is sound asleep and I am in love with this little guy. He is so much fun to be around, even when he's not being so fun. He's got his little stuffed monkey in his arm and is lightly snoring away right now.

Every morning I get to spend a few minutes with just he and I as Marci takes Haley to school. He crawls in bed with me and scratches my back for a little bit. I ask him what he wants for breakfast. He always asks me, "What is there?" even though he knows it was the same as before. Or, he'll say, "I need to fink about it."

Once he decides what he wants, he'll let me know. A lot of the time, it's cheesy eggs (scrambled eggs with some cheddar thrown in), but the way he says it cracks me up. Cheesy = chee-zee to most people. When Riley says it, it's chee-see. It's subtle, but it's funny.

After surgery, we'll see how it goes. For now, our main concern is getting rid of the aspiration in his throat. With his speech and fine motor skills, we can help him learn ways to adapt. We can't teach him how to drink or swallow differently.

His teachers at school, Ms. Nia and Ms. "Wooshi" (how he pronounces it. I have no idea what her name really is), say Riley is really bright. I'll ask him what he learned at school and he'll say, "Nofing. I already know everyfing!" I used to think he was joking, but Marci's talked to his teachers and they think he's pretty much at a K-1 level, rather than a pre-K level.

Brilliant, I tell you!

Anyway, I'm not terribly nervous or stressed out about his surgery yet. It's only 2 weeks from tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll feel it a bit then, but for now, it's just business as usual. We do have to be a little more diligent about hand washing and germs, as any sickness will cause his surgery to be postponed.

I took some pictures with my fancy new Blackberry, so I'll try to get them posted. Then you can see how funny this dude is.

See you later.

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