Friday, August 15, 2008

Evening update

After a really lame spring where it was cold, frosty and wet, summer has been pretty good to us lately. Today it was 90+ or so, though I haven't seen any real readouts.

It's 8:45pm right now and after going out to dinner, we're putting the kids down. Riley is hot to the touch, but he's not sweating, even though it's about 80 in the house. Marci just took his temp and he's at 101.5, so we're gonna try to hydrate him a little.

He's been complaining of tummy aches. Marci told me he was saying he felt shocks today, like someone was zapping him with static electricity. Evidently these are both symptoms of his condition. The trouble is we don't know if he's getting worse by the day or if it's just a weird coincidence.

I guess he has a well visit with his pediatrician on Monday, so hopefully she can shed some light on things.

This dude is a crack up. He's next to me now in his shorts and no shirt, with his little buzz cut I gave him yesterday, clutching his little blue cup/bottle and just being a funny dude. I sure hope we can help him get better and on the road to recovery.

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