Monday, August 18, 2008

Doctor's appointment today

Rye slept like a log last night. He's been having a fever anywhere from 99 to 101 or so the past few days. The only reason we hadn't taken him to the doctor is because we (ok, Marci) had already made an appointment for both kids to get checked out today.

Anyway, Riley woke up about 8:45, which is about 1:15 later than usual. He was a little lethargic, but that was to be expected. What's funny is as much as he might feel funny, he kind of "works" it so he gets extra hugs and love. He'll shuffle around and make a pouty face, stick his arms out and attach himself to whomever happens to be around. It works, too. We all end up giving him lots of hugs and attention.

Today, the weather has done a 180. It's dark and cool, breezy and moist. Looking out the window, it looks like might rain at any minute. Marci and the kids will be heading off to the doctor soon. After that, it's swim lessons. My guess is Riley won't participate in that. It's too bad, too. He loves to swim though swimming in this kind of weather isn't so much fun.

My guess is we're going to have to put Riley back on amoxicillin again to clear up the infection. Hopefully this is the last time before November.

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