Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boy's time with Riley

Marci and Haley took the morning off today at an American Girl fashion show or something. Who knows? It's a girl thing.

So what did that mean for the boys? It was off to Goldbergs' (their placement of the apostrophe, not mine!) Deli for some man-sized breakfast. 5 chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, and hash browns later, we were stuffed, and then off to home for, what else?

Video games with Riley!

We've been home about 2 hours now and this boy is simply obsessed with the video games. He's a boy after my own heart. Pretty funny. Then again, after two straight weekends of heading to work with me, it was nice to have some simple hang out time.

Of course, it's time to head in to the office again... sigh.

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