Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Letter to Riley

HI Rye,

Last year, we were getting along really well. This was after about 2 years or so of completely not understanding one another. It got to the point that I was convinced that you didn't like me.

Of course, you were 2 and I was/am an idiot.

These days, you are still so eager to please and be good that when you have a rough day (like yesterday), it really surprises us. I'm trying to remember that nobody's perfect and everyone is entitled to a bad day here and there. If I lose my patience, just remind me of that.

The other day I read through the blog entries for your surgery and was reminded just how lucky we are to have found out about your condition and to live where we live to have Children's so close. We still have root beers in the fridge waiting for you and I to share once we get the OK.

I think it's pretty incredible that you had surgery. And, thankfully, you are still the same little dude. You love your family and your DS (though maybe not in that order). You love macaroni and cheese and monkeys. You're super smart, funny and thoughtful. You still claim to "know everything", though I don't necessarily believe you.

Christmas came a little early this year, especially with the positive outcome of your surgery. In addition, with the wish on its way from the Make-a-Wish people, Christmas will go beyond simply tomorrow.

You, little homey, are so much fun to be with and I treasure every moment we get to spend together. I love it when we hug and you pat my back; it's like you're comforting me instead of the other way around. You and your insatiable snuggling. Mom says you're a clone of me.

Well, if that's the case, then I mustn't be all that bad, huh? A chip off the old block, indeed.

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