Monday, May 2, 2016

Hi everyone

That was weird.

I just logged onto Riley's blog for the first time in years. Quick update: he is alive and well! He is in 6th grade, taking French, playing trombone, and just being a regular boy.

As I logged on here just now, I saw 3 posts from someone that wasn't me. Evidently there were different links on each post. I didn't click on any and I hope you didn't either. I've deleted those posts and this post is definitely legit!

My plan for these blogs was to have them for reminiscing, but also to hand to Riley (or Haley) as they got older, if they wanted them, to write stuff. Riley is quite into computers now and maybe he'll want to post something or edit the blog or something.

Anyway, that's it. Maybe we'll post more in the future, or maybe we won't, but for the few that check here, he's doing great. The chiari is pretty much a thing of the past. He got a green light from Dr. E a year or so ago and we haven't looked back. Just a normal boy now, and life is good.

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