Monday, June 8, 2009

An Update!

Well, it's been 31 days since our last update so I thought I'd drop in with a note.

These days, we're winding down with school. I'm at home a lot and spending a lot of time with Riley and co. It's been fun walking him to the bus, picking him up from the bus (sometimes asleep), going to the zoo with him (went on a field trip) and just hanging out.

Though that's not to say it's all been fun and games.

We still have our moments where I clash with him. He thinks it's fun and I'm trying to think of how not to lose my cool and still get the result I desire. Ignoring him has been a big part of my discipline lately and I have no problem saying that I'm horrible at it.

Medically, not much has changed. Rye went in for a follow up swallow study last week and though it's a lot slower than we'd like, he appears to be progressing. He's also been visiting with a new pain management doctor who has prescribed acupressure magnets (little bead sized magnets attached to small band-aids which we then attach to various parts of his body). It's a lot of work, but, truth be told, it seems to be working.

Don't get me wrong; I don't think Riley was ever in debilitating pain. That would be unbearable for us. He just tells us, "My tummy and head hurt." It's kind of like the Boy Who Cried Wolf at this point. We just give him a hug and he deals with it. I think it's more discomfort for him than anything else. I mean, when he complains, it's like he's telling us that water is wet. Just a matter of fact for him.

Another thing with this new doctor is that she asked us to appear on a segment that KING 5 TV was filming on children working with alternative pain management. Riley and Marci went a few weeks ago and got filmed. I think it's going to be on Wednesday, June 17th. We haven't gotten confirmation yet, but when I know, you'll know.

Here's a picture from the zoo!

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