Sunday, April 12, 2009

Riley's MAW lunch at Maggiano's

Yesterday we got to tag along with Riley again as the Make a Wish people invited us out to lunch. The plan was to give us the info for our trip, as well as stuff us silly with AWESOME Italian food. The camera was in tow, but I'm starting to realize that our camera isn't the best at low light situations, of which this was one.

We met Lindy and Erin, our wish granters, and headed to our table. The staff at Maggiano's couldn't have been nicer. They went out of their way and got Riley a whole bunch of simian-related items. Three huge Curious George balloons, 2 inflatable monkeys, some books, some stuffed animals and a whole bunch of food.

We got the rundown and ate until we were stuffed. Then they brought out the dessert plate. Needless to say, Riley was pretty excited. We ate like pigs some more. After that, we asked for a little tour of the kitchen and got to do that. Riley and the kids (Haley's friend Erin was invited by Riley) really enjoyed that. That restaurant is huge!

Thanks again to Erin and Lindy, who volunteer with Make a Wish, and the incredibly gracious, friendly and accommodating staff at Maggiano's in Bellevue. They all helped to make a little boy really excited for his special day.

So we had another great few hours with the Make a Wish people. We have the details of the trip pretty much hammered out and we leave on Friday.

This is going to be so cool!

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