Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who wants a Riley update?

He has a cold. It sucks. This whole year (all 3 weeks of it), he's had either a sinus infection or, now, a cold.

His scars are still there, of course. At his last haircut, the hairdresser said Riley's going to have to have a longer haircut so the hair will grow over the scars. Maybe we'll cultivate a mullet for him. Just like his daddy in the early 90s!

The past few nights have been kind of rough on him and us. For whatever reason, he's taken to giving us a hard time right at bed. Just like old times. It was HORRIBLE! He was up to 10 or so last Thursday, Friday and last night. It's weird. He's awesome from when he wakes until bedtime. Then, at bedtime, he turns into a punk.

Here he is, being a punk... rocker, that is! :)

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